Minding my age

Sometimes, someone says something that rubs me the wrong way. Last night, a young man (who admitted being half my age) said to Alt #11, "i dont worry if ur 40 and divorced."

I bristled.

By saying that he doesn't mind my age, he implied that being in my 40's and divorced somehow makes me less desirable.

I told him that his comment made me feel insulted. I didn't put that information in my profile to apologize for being older. I put it there to attract older men, or at least to attract men who actually enjoy -- and not just settle for -- women in their 40s.

So I wished him goodnight and ended the conversation.

To his credit, he apologized and said that he didn't mean it that way. Some people are not aware of their own prejudices.

I'm not saying all young men think that way either. Just a couple of weeks ago, I met a very sweet (and very flirty) 18-year-old at the same place, and he flatters me. In fact, he's one of my new would-be lovers, but I haven't mentioned him in this blog til now. I don't think it'll get deep, however, but the flirtations are charming. His nickname? "Hot Wings". ;)