Another goodbye... and a "Hello again"

A dear friend of my RP alt sent out a notecard today that he'll be leaving SL to heal his RL. :( We didn't meet often but he's a catalyst in my RP alt's story. *sigh*

But, on a good note, an old flame returned to SL today. How old? He was one of my flavors of the month during my first six months in SL. But he's in a new alt, of course. His old alt was long gone.

I took him around to fix up his alt today and that brought back memories from when we first did that. Erm, naughty memories. LOL Well, he kinda looks like HiHo now. :D

We don't know if we'd pick up where we left off. It's been more than two and a half years and we're both different people now. But we decided we'll explore things and see how it goes.

At the very least he'll distract me from missing the Captain. *sigh*

I don't want it to be over

The Captain logged in tonight. Not his usual time. I was editing a necklace in my workloft and I wasn't paying attention to the blue pop-ups at the bottom corner of my screen, so I was surprised to see him on my radar.

"I logged to inform you that i will be out of SL for some time ..."

His mom's health had gotten worse and he wouldn't have time to log in anymore. I was already expecting it, because he hadn't been logging in much during the past few weeks for the same reason.

I saw it coming. Still, I cried. I don't want us to be over.

Not that "Opallei"

I finally decided to go into Twitter today to create an account for Opal, and found someone already used "Opallei" there.

Just for the record, that's not me. But she seems like a nice young lady so, if you choose to believe she's me, it might be good for my reputation. LOL

Anyway, I created a Twitter account for Mer Betta instead.

No new boyfriend

Relay for Life 2009 ended yesterday (Sunday). I'm sitting in one of the sims as I write this. I just finished going around the whole lap again, taking in the sights this time since I didn't have time yesterday morning as I was running.

I came in around 2pm on Saturday to see what was up, but it was way too laggy so I figured I'd go home and do some work. I came back at 1am to do the relay.

I started out with Morgana tagging along. RFL gave out these water packs that you can click and you can automatically follow someone or automatically walk. So Mor was automatically following me, and she didn't even last a lap before she went to bed.

Anyway, I stripped down before I went and chose to wear a bandana from the Hair Fair when I returned in the evening. My sneakers were kinda high in ARC, but, overall, I was still under 400. No eyelashes, even!

I chose to run instead of using the "walk" feature of the water pack since walking was too slow. And I took off all HUDs, including my AO, so I was running my run animation manually. Unfortunately, I had to reset it every time I crossed sim borders.

All my graphics settings were set very low so I was hardly seeing anything. Sometimes, the road wouldn't even rez and I'm already on it. But as I ran more laps, I rezzed a bit more, but I still missed a lot since my distance was set too low.

Around 7:30am, I gave up. I was falling asleep on the keyboard. But I had already ran 72km. I came back in the late afternoon and spent the evening exploring and taking photos. I have almost 400 and I don't know what to do with them yet.

In the end, RFL raised a record US$263,000 inside SL this year.

Well, I didn't meet any new boyfriends from the relay this year. *sigh* ;)

You're a what?!?

I was chatting with Lora tonight. She mentioned she's a Calvinist. So, I said I'm a Hobbesist.


"i want fat girl can u help?"

I got a random IM while I was at my workloft today. It came with a random friendship offer that I also declined. Here's how it went:

The name has been (barely) masked to (kinda) protect the (not really) innocent.
[18:39] mido Zu****n: hi
[18:39] Opal Lei: Hi, Mido
[18:40] mido Zu****n: how r u
[18:40] Opal Lei: I'm good. Do you need help?
[18:40] mido Zu****n: tp me to u plz
[18:40] Opal Lei: May I ask why?
[18:40] mido Zu****n: we will talk there
[18:40] Opal Lei: Do you have an appointment?
[18:41] mido Zu****n: what?
[18:41] mido Zu****n: ?
[18:41] mido Zu****n: jjust tp me
[18:41] Opal Lei: Unless you tell me what this is about, you'll be muted.
[18:42] mido Zu****n: i want fat girl can u help?
[18:42] Opal Lei: Why are you asking me?
[18:42] mido Zu****n: u said u can help
[18:43] Opal Lei: Well, how did you find my name in the first place?
[18:43] mido Zu****n: on map
[18:43] mido Zu****n: tp me
[18:43] Opal Lei: My name is not on the map.
[18:43] mido Zu****n: on mini map
[18:43] mido Zu****n: i find u
[18:43] Opal Lei: Why do you think I can help you find a fat girl?
[18:44] mido Zu****n: give me land mark to find fat girl
[18:44] Opal Lei: Sorry, I don't have a landmark.
[18:44] Opal Lei: Did you try Search?
[18:46] mido Zu****n: no use
[18:47] Opal Lei: Well, maybe there aren't any in SL.
[18:47] Opal Lei: Did you try World of Warcraft?
[18:48] mido Zu****n: funny
[18:48] Opal Lei: LOL
[18:48] mido Zu****n: so funny
[18:48] Opal Lei: You just got it?
He stopped talking to me after that. How rude! And I was trying to be helpful....