I'm sailing right behind

On Sunday afternoon, the Captain returned to leave me a message. I had missed him by only a few minutes.

Since I last wrote about him, he had been back a few times. His mother was getting better at one point, then suddenly her condition took a turn for the worse. And then last Friday night, she passed on.

He said he needed time alone, but he promises to be back.

Sometimes, you want to hold a loved one in your arms and you can't, because they're not logged in and you cannot go to them. And all you can do is hold them in your thoughts and hope that they feel that support and love anyway.

"... if you need a friend, I'm sailing right behind ..."

I'm coming out

Im Coming Out - Diana Ross

There's a reason I hadn't been inworld much the past several days: I was at SLCC. I didn't register as Opal, of course. I registered as my RL-associated alt.

But I met so many friends of Opal -- long-time friends -- that I had to go and introduce myself. And the reaction I got was amazing. After they read my name tag (which had my alt's name), people were friendly and shook my hand. But after they find out that I'm Opal, faces lit up and arms automatically opened wide for a hug. So, by Saturday evening, I decided Opal won't be anonymous anymore.

I won't advertise my RL identity like I do with my alt, but it won't be a big secret anymore either.

So I'll be taking out this blurb that I have in my 1st Life tab, which is too bad because I get chuckles from people who read it:
For those who keep asking, my real life name is Jane. Yup! Previously married to John Q. Public. Since the divorce, I went back to using my maiden name, which is Doe. Now, stop asking silly questions.

So, if you wanna know, go ahead and ask the silly questions.