The good thing about Second Life is that it is always changing. The bad thing about Second Life is that it is always changing.

The grid keeps getting bigger. There's always new content, changing content. Residents keep creating, and more creative people keep coming in. There's always something fresh to look at, to experience, to explore.

But, sometimes, things and people that you've gotten attached to also eventually go away. They've changed and you've changed. There is less constancy in virtual worlds than in the real world.

Ah, well. We'll always have our memories.... And our chat logs....

Comparative dancing

Last night, I danced. In real life.

Today, I ache.

One point for virtual dancing.

Unattractive salmon

I think I've figured out the difference between married people and single people. It has to do with the safety net that Howard talks about, but not exactly like he saw it.

I think the safety net has a lot to do with self-confidence. Married people know that if they get rejected in SL, they're still loved for who they are irl. A virtual rejection is a small dent on their self-confidence.

On the other hand, single people have more of their self-confidence vested in SL relationships. And, being active in dating, they're more likely still feeling raw about a previous date, so their self-confidence takes a beating.

It's amazing that single people continue to go back for more beating. It must be that procreative instinct. So strong that it drives us to self-destruction, like salmon fighting the current and risking being a bear's meal, only to die in the end.

So, here's a question to you, dear readers. They say that it's the self-confidence that makes someone very attractive. Does that make married people more attractive than single people?

One last night at the Blue Note

I remember loves lost, friends lost, chances lost. All in the past year. A very long year. Or maybe it felt long just because it was bursting with memories.

And a lot of those memories are at the Blue Note, one of my favorite haunts since Headman introduced me to it. But very soon, the BN will be closing its doors. And I sit here with my memories. Lingering, hanging on to the memories a little longer as though they would fade away with the Blue Note.

SL would never be the same without the Blue Note.