Six years in Second Life

60,000+ items in my inventory (And lots of them are boxed!)

336 avatars in my friends list

36,000+ in my L$ balance

The past six years have certainly been the most intense and most interesting part of my life.  The past six years have changed my life.  My world has expanded exponentially in more ways than one.

I've hidden my virtual life from the public during the first four years or so for fear of being judged.  But now, I stand vulnerable and exposed to the world through my book.

Where I'll be another six years from now, who knows.  But I'm pretty sure I'll still be living in a virtual world somewhere.

In other news, ...

I just released the first episode of the new talk show "Talk, Like Dim Sum" which is based on the book.

It felt like I have been guided throughout this project.  Even though it wasn't easy, it felt as though there were an unseen hand helping me get this done in such a short time, from conception of the idea to the release of the first episode.

My brain is too tired now, but soon I'll have time to sit down and examine how things just fell into place.

Meanwhile, ...

Wolfgang has been on vacation for a few weeks now, so I haven't seen him inworld.  His internet connection is so bad, that even Radegast crashes.  He emails me when he can.  And I'm experiencing a different side of him.  He's more lighthearted than I originally thought.  He makes more jokes.  He is more playful.

Maybe it's because, when I usually meet with him, he's at work so he is distracted and more serious.  Now that he's on vacation, he's more relaxed and that affects his interactions with me.

Because he's gone, I get more work done during the early morning hours which is when I usually meet with him.

And I also get more time to spend with Rapido, who is usually in during the early mornings.  Although, he is usually already dancing with someone else by the time I log in.

We have new alts but we've never really spent time to fix them up.  Mine has one outfit.  The same one she was born with.  :D  But he wants her to be chubby so I have to figure out what outfits work with a chubby shape.  (I already have that problem in real life, why do I have to have the same problem in SL?!?)

Meanwhile, Impy and I have a little crisis.  His RL leaves him with no time to come into SL anymore.  Even his emails are a lot fewer than usual.  I thought I was losing him.  I was panicking.  Lack of time is the most common reason my lovers leave SL.  I saw the same thing happening again.  But he assures me it's not the case.  He thinks that the crisis will pass and that he'll be able to come in more often again.

To be honest, I don't know.  I've seen this happen too many times.  When push comes to shove, I fall off my lovers' priority lists.  And I understand.  On the other hand, the circumstances of how I met Impy was strangely synchronous that it feels like this relationship is meant to be something more than a passing romance.  That's why I don't know.  Meanwhile, I am grateful for each day.  Each email.  Each typed kiss.  Each imagined touch.

I've been through this many times before.  It still isn't easy.