Lo imposible es maravilloso

[2012/06/28 18:02:19]  Impy: i dont know how express it on english...but
[2012/06/28 18:02:53]  Impy: Estoy muy emocionado, y has conseguido que el corazón se me encoja en un puño y se me rayen los ojos....
[2012/06/28 18:03:03]  Impy: te quiero

He said those words after he watched the machinima I created for today.  The machinima I had been working on since we decided to do this ritual.  The machinima with our pictures together since the day he first met Alt#24, taken by him and by me.  The machinima with the first words we exchanged with each other almost six months ago.  The machinima where I sang a love song just for him.  A love song that I had to record at least twenty times in a span of two weeks, because my voice kept cracking as my own emotions overwhelmed me.

We had just said our vows.

Side by side

When I created the "Heart Gravel" exhibit for the SL9B celebration, there were two sets of hearts with 50 hearts each where people could leave a love note.  I added a dedication, listing most of my lovers, on the root prim of the set of falling hearts.  The other set was a pile of hearts already on the palms of the open hands below.

I also added two extra hearts that were not linked to those sets.  The one I wrote for Impy started with "Mi amor:  Muchas veces, derrites mi corazon. ..." After he saw that, he added his own message in the pile of hearts and, by chance, it ended up on the heart right next to mine.

Going public

We spent a couple of hours exploring part of SL9B.  Well, actually, it was less than that because I was crashing most of the time.

But over the weekend, I saw an announcement for a Spanish class, so I listened to the stream while I waited for him to arrive.  When he arrived, we decided to go to the site on SL9B and we stood a little bit away from the class while we listened.

At the end of the class, the teacher said hello to us and started chatting with us.  Mostly in Spanish.  Impy admitted to the teacher that he is a native speaker and he was just there to accompany me and that I was learning Spanish.  Afterwards, the teacher friended us both.

A while ago, he mentioned a wish that we would go out as a couple and have friends as a couple and all that.  I resisted because these alts were supposed to be private, so we would have quiet time together.  To have friends meant that people would intrude on our quiet time.  And besides, being active publicly would increase the risk that we would meet someone who had met my other alts and, therefore, because of my "rule," I would have to admit that they know me.

But after the conversation with the teacher, I understood what he meant.  There's that special feeling that comes with being seen and being known as a couple.

Making plans

I rarely wore white.  I kinda avoided it.  It was too "bridal" for me.  But when he and I starting being a couple, I found myself wearing white dresses.  Well, they were common among summer freebies.  And somehow, it felt right to wear them.

I also noticed that, with Alt#24, I tended to wear these elegant knee-length dresses.  When he first met Alt#24, he asked how I would describe her and I chose the word "regal" and he agreed.  Switching her from medieval to modern was a bit difficult without duplicating the styles of my other alts.  Then somehow, she ended up with elegant knee-length dresses.

Once, I brought it up in conversation, wondering if he wanted me to dress her a bit more seductively, because she was beginning to look more wife-y.
[2012/05/31 17:01:07] 

Alt#24: I have a question for you, actually.

Impy#2: shoot!

Alt#24: Somehow, [Alt#24] feels more ... cultured.
Alt#24: Less slutty than most of my alts.
Alt#24: Even Opal.

Impy#2: :) that's good

Alt#24: ok
Alt#24: Because I worry that you want more sexyness like [Alt#6].
Alt#24: But with [Alt#24], I feel more like a wife than a mistress.
Impy#2: you got the point perfectly... and i LOVE that feeling
The man says all the right things!

[2012/05/31 17:09:28]

Impy#2: .... i love that point of 'no slutty' from [Alt#24]

Alt#24: /me smiles.... ok

Impy#2: but!!!  remember the proverb!

Alt#24: A lady in public and a whore in bed?

Impy#2: lol
Impy#2: that's it!

For our ritual, he was visualizing a beach setting.  He had seen a white summer dress, but I thought it wasn't well-made so I said I'd just make one myself.

Around that time, I took him to the Hollywood sim and it occurred to me that we could do our ritual on a boat.  And there were reasons why:

Most sims in SL disappear after a while and, when there are strong emotions associated with a place, the disappearance of the place is very disturbing.  If we did our ritual on a boat, it didn't depend where we were.  We could have our boat in any water in SL.  And we both could have a copy of the boat so that, when I missed him, I could just rez one.

But as we talked about other things that we needed, it felt like we were making compromises.  He had found a speedboat that he liked.  That meant I would have to wear something like a white bikini to go with the theme.  He said he just wanted me to wear "something vaporous" and he would wear something casual in white.  Then I realized that we couldn't even kiss because, if both of us stood up, the boat would go back to his inventory.

Then a couple of days ago, he took me to an island to see a castle.  When I saw it, I knew I had seen it once before, but I don't know when or which alts.  However, he was almost certain he had not shown it to me before, and he said, "this is one of my...'secret' places."

[2012/06/26 18:14:59]

Alt#24: I think you have taken me here before, my love.

Impy#2: really?  if it's so, it's because you were special from the very beginning..:D  i never took anybody here

(Did I mention the man always says the right things?)

The castle
Anyway, he seemed to really want to do our ritual there.  I explained why I preferred the boat; I explained the transience of places in SL; I explained how my sentimentality for significant places cause great pain when those places are gone.  And he understood because he reads my blog religiously.  And he read my book.

So, as he often does, he let me have my way.  (You see why I love the man dearly?)  And we decided that we would explore that sim and the surrounding sims for our "honeymoon" instead.

Well, after a short attempt, I decided that two days was not enough to create a special outfit from scratch.  Then I remembered a time when he showed me a blog with a picture of a woman wearing silks.  He didn't know what silks signified or who wore them.  All he knew was that they looked very beautiful.

So I did a search in the Marketplace for "silks" and found an outfit that I once wanted to get for another alt.  And it was perfect for another reason.  Impy and I once talked about a roleplay alt whose name was based on a Greek myth; that's when I learned he had an interest in ancient Greek mythology as well.  And he had loved the toga I wore for my 5th rez day anniversary pictures.

This one had the beautiful folds like the toga.  It looks very medieval and beautifully so.  It was a silk but it had additional attachments to cover the legs more so it looks more lady-like while remaining sexy.  It was beautifully sculpted.  And absolutely romantic.

Of course, I didn't show it to him but I mentioned that it wouldn't match the speedboat theme.  So I had to search for something he could wear that would match my outfit.  And we found the perfect medieval suit in all white.  So we gave up the speedboat idea (we'd still use it for our honeymoon explorations) and decided to do the ritual in the castle anyway.  :D

Somehow, with him, things just fall into place.  Damn the crazy odds.

The dress from Caverna Obscura.  Taken while waiting for him to log back in, so I was able to play with windlight and shadows.  Now in Flickr.

The groom pacing at the entrance of the castle.  :D  By the time I tp'd over (and crashed, of course), I had already turned down my settings because I was also filming machinima.

The kiss, taken after the vows and after the song and and after the exchange of rings that we made ourselves for each other and while he was busy with the SL partnership proposal.

He's right....  The impossible *is* wonderful.

*sighs happily*