Missus Impossible

After I introduced The Impossible to Opal, I didn't see him much.  He had met someone and he was spending more time with her.  Until recently.  She hadn't logged in much lately, so he had more time to spend with me.  Her loss, my gain.  :)

During one of our conversations, he had mentioned that he likes dark hair, so I thought of Alt #23.  But when he met her, he still preferred Opal.  Later, he explained that it's because Opal feels more like me.

But it felt imbalanced.

We had been doing things together publicly, and it was so easy to discover who he is through my other web presences.  And I worried how other lovers would feel.

To date, none of my lovers have met another of my lovers.  I've kept the identities of each of them safe.  And that's the way I wanted it.  When I am with a lover, I try to make him feel as though he was my only, even though they all know that I have other lovers.

I asked The Impossible if he would prefer to know my other lovers.  He replied that if he doesn't know who they are, it would be more difficult for him to imagine me with them.  So, his answer was no, he didn't want to know them.

If one lover accidentally logged into my land, and I was with another lover at that time, it would be very awkward.  With that, I convinced him that I need to move him to another alt for privacy, so I gave him some options: Alt #4 (my main RP alt), Alt #23 (again), Alt #24 (an alt that I created for The Captain but was never used) or a brand new alt.

He wanted to see them first, so I introduced him to Alt #24, and he thought she was pretty.  In fact, he said that all my alts were pretty.  He asked about the skins, so I listed them off.  Mostly from LAQ.  He said that he was surprised how different the same skin looked with Opal and with Alt #6, both of whom had the same skin.  I said that Alt #6 has a friendlier look and Opal has a more snobbish look.  Then he asked me how I would describe Alt #24.  I said she has a more regal look.  And he agreed.  That was the perfect word for it.

Anyway, long story short, he agreed to be with Alt #24 for privacy and he would create a new alt for me as well.  And that would be a good thing because we'd be doing hunts for freebies together as we outfit our alts.

So, after he logged off, I went searching for some modern clothes (I only had medieval clothing with her, in preparation for the RP I was going to do with The Captain).  Then I changed her clothes and was about to log off when an alt of The Captain logged on.

I IM'd him and said that I was giving away Alt #24 to another lover and asked him if that was okay with him.  First, he said "oh" then he said "Good."  Then he asked me how I was.

So, all is clear for Alt #24.

#24 for Impy