He was just a newbie, when Alt #11 met him at Frank's.  He had a gorgeous black skin with a gentle face that I hadn't seen before.

[2011-07-24 20:44:55]  Holstein: btw - i'm only half black
[2011-07-24 20:45:01]  Alt #11 smiles.
[2011-07-24 20:45:28]  Holstein: the bottom half is white
[2011-07-24 20:45:36]  Alt #11: lmao
[2011-07-24 20:45:50]  Alt #11: At least you're not spotted like a cow!

Several weeks later, he called my attention to his real-life photo in the 1st Life tab of his profile.  He has fair skin.

[2011-08-03 02:55:30]  Alt #11: I thought you were black?
[2011-08-03 02:55:41]  Holstein: im half and half
[2011-08-03 02:55:59]  Alt #11: And the bottom half is black?  *giggles*
(I had to remind him of our old conversation.)
[2011-08-03 02:57:00]  Holstein: geez throwing my own jokes back at me

The day we met, he already wanted to be my lover.  I gave him a condition -- he had to ask his RL partner for permission.  After pondering it for days, he chose not to, because he was worried of how she would react.  So we decided to just be friends.

He had a partner in SL for a short while.  I had several lovers in the meantime.

But he remained sweet, and he almost always said hi when he saw me logged in.  He was always willing to "rescue" me from jerks I meet at Frank's. *grins*  He often called me "my love" and other terms of endearment.

Last month, I introduced him to Opal and, by extension, my RL.  He said, "The more I know about you the more I like."

For Christmas, he gave me a white stole.  So I took this picture for him:
White Stole

Yesterday, I learned that he and his RL partner no longer live together.  But he said he wasn't hitting on me, because he worries "that it may ruin what we have."  But he wanted more time, so he couldn't be just another friend.

[2012/01/08 00:50:41]  Alt #11: Even without sex, I consider you a lover starting today.
[2012/01/08 00:51:10]  Holstein: awwwww thank you my sweet lady - well it is appropriate because i do love you
[2012/01/08 00:51:24]  Alt #11: I have to warn you though.... I blog.  ;)
[2012/01/08 00:51:55]  Holstein: thats ok my dear i have nothing to hide
[2012/01/08 00:52:25]  Alt #11: It's okay, I don't use SL names or RL names.  And I already have a nickname for you.
[2012/01/08 00:52:29]  Alt #11: :D
[2012/01/08 00:52:46]  Holstein: what is my nickname?
[2012/01/08 00:52:50]  Alt #11: /me giggles.
[2012/01/08 00:52:55]  Alt #11: Holstein
[2012/01/08 00:53:01]  Holstein: ???????????
[2012/01/08 00:53:04]  Alt #11: It's the cattle breed that's black and white.  *giggles*
[2012/01/08 00:53:15]  Holstein: lmao