Vrroom! Vrroom!

Rodion gave me permission to quote him. We were chatting last night about machinima because I want to create a 30-second commercial for Mer Betta, and the conversation kinda drifted away from that. He was complimenting my avatar.

Rodion Resistance: it's more like me appreciating a sports car that overtook the bus I was riding
Opal Lei: LOL
Rodion Resistance: sorry for the rough analogy
Opal Lei: I love it. lol
Rodion Resistance: its an art thing with sensuality spread like sugar crystals
Opal Lei: Can I blog that sports car comment? lol
Rodion Resistance: sure!
Opal Lei: Yay! lol
Rodion Resistance: but in your case not only a sports car, you're more like an exotic foreign v12 engine supercar
Opal Lei: LMAO
Opal Lei: I think that's one of the best compliments I've gotten.

Vrroom! Vrroom! :D