Stunning normalcy

I met him today while I was logged as my sex alt. It wasn't even at a sex place and I had just tp'd there with a newbie to dance. And after things rezzed, I realized he rezzed right behind us. I thought we tp'd right on top of him. He said hi. We three exchanged some pleasantries, then my newbie friend said he had to leave, so I continued chatting with our newfound friend instead, and we ended up dancing right there.

That was at 8pm.

By 9:30pm, I was logging into Opal to meet him at a sim we agreed to meet at. When I got there, he was chatting with someone else. I excused myself and tp'd to another part of the sim and IM'd him that maybe we could meet at another time instead. He invited me to come back but I said it would feel awkward. Then it dawned on me and I asked if he mistook that woman as me, and I mentioned my sex alt's name. He did. :D A minute later, he was walking towards me.

At 10:11pm, we were just kissing, then out of the blue,...

"Do you have a bf?" he asked.

"In RL, no relationship," I replied. "In SL, I have casual BFs. More like friends with privileges. None exclusive."

"Ok i'll be your rl bf then ;)"

He feels comfortable, like he's a combination of different things from different parts of my life. It's a warm feeling. There's a sense of familiarity in the newness of it all.

I'm still stunned. This whole evening just went whooosh! Like I'm being carried away by the rush of water in a fast river. But, again, it feels comfortable.

The analytical part of my brain still wants to wait and see. I've been this way before. But I have a feeling this one is different, because it feels "normal".

Normal, except that I'm stunned.

mfpwtff sent me a video link after I told him I have a new bf. This is the official version of that video. (Somewhere along the way, he turned into my relationship coach, and I trust him explicitly, simply because he thinks things through as much as I do.)

"Others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms..."