True power

"Are you ready to submit?" he had been asking for the past week, each time he pinged me. My answer was always, "Never." Well, actually, I tried to vary my response, but the gist was the same. He even bought me a collar last Friday, and I said that I hope he could get his money back. And, since then, his question changed to "Ready for your collar?"

He wanted me to yield to his power. What power? For the same reason that bullying is a sign of fear and arrogance is a sign of insecurity, subjugating another is a sign of weakness. His power is illusory; he's at the mercy of his submissive. No submissive, no power. If he had true power, he wouldn't need anyone to submit to him.

In traditional marriages, a wife submits to her husband's will. But he is committed to care for her well-being. Why on earth would I submit to the will of a perfect stranger who doesn't love me and therefore couldn't care less about my well-being? That would be utterly stupid. Would a CEO give up control of the company to anybody who walks in from the street and says, "I want to take over your company"? No. So why does he expect me to submit to him?

I understand roleplaying. I've roleplayed being a dom and being a sub with other lovers as a sexual scenario. But he didn't mean roleplay.

His persistence reached its limit today and he finally gave up. I wished him well and he removed me from his friends list.

I'm not entirely against submitting. But I will submit only to one who has true power, great wisdom, and a deep love for me. Until then, I live my own life, thank you very much.