Something good

I couldn't focus and I'd been struggling with a script that should have been done in a matter of hours, if only I could finally decide what I wanted it to do.

And I was antsy. I had that feeling that I was missing out on something important. The feeling that I had to get out of my workshop. But where to go? It was the middle of the night, or actually early in the morning.

I tp'd over to the two events that were going on. Neither felt right. I still had that feeling, so I went home, changed, and went to Frank's. I took a while checking out profiles and finally IM'd someone who turned out to not be interested at all. He was working and was just there to listen to music. When I asked if he cared to dance, his reply was that he doesn't roleplay. He considered dancing in SL as roleplaying. *sigh* I probably should have asked him if he cared to right-click on a dance poseball and choose "Sit".

After checking out a few more profiles, I decided to try Sweethearts Jazz. I hadn't been there for ages and there have been changes in the layout. People still just stand around milling. Still, it took a long time before I heard the first ding-ding. He was a software developer and the conversation went from technology to business inside SL. I was wondering when he would ask me to dance.

During that conversation, I got two more ding-dings. One was impressed with my avatar and was asking about my favorite places in SL. The other was impressed with my profile. So, there I was juggling three very different conversations. Then a woman walked over and stood in front of the software developer and he was quiet for several minutes.

During that silence, the one who was impressed with my avatar asked if I would take him to Chakryn Forest (after he asked what's there). I declined and said that I was in the middle of several IMs. He thanked me and that was that. Meanwhile, the one who was impressed with my profile asked me for a dance.

Out of courtesy, I told the software developer that I had been asked to dance. He graciously wished me well.

My dance partner led me to a spot close to the water, then we hopped on poseballs that he summoned from the Intan.

The conversation would have been just another typical conversation, except that, by the time we said goodbye, we were officially in an exclusive romantic relationship.

I proposed the 30-day limit like I've done before, he agreed reluctantly, but he had concerns about it so we talked some more when we met in the evening. I learned more about him tonight that made me realize he's more authentic than I gave him credit for. But I worry that he's jumping to conclusions about me.

But he treats me so well that I could blush. I thought I'd never find someone else who'd treat me as well as the Captain did, but here's one. Could I really be so lucky?

/me hums, "Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good..."