A piece of chocolate

If you've ever gone through a weight-loss diet (I'm pretty sure that's true for every woman reading this blog), you know that insane craving that you suddenly have for your favorite indulgence, just because it's forbidden.

And you try to be good and substitute something healthier and you end up jeopardizing your diet because the substitute doesn't really satisfy the craving so you eat more.

Eventually, weight loss advisers understood this craving and actually advised dieters to go ahead and take a little piece of that chocolate.

Well, ten days ago after months of denying myself of that pleasure, I took a little piece of that chocolate. And I was happy for a while. Then I started craving for it again and, unable to have it, I again took the healthy substitute instead. And -- you guessed it! -- the craving is still there.

I need to get me another piece of that chocolate before I go insane.

And you know I'm not talking about food, right?