Midnight looms

I'm living my fantasy. I am in a beautiful gown in a majestic palace, dancing in the arms of my prince.

But I know I'm on borrowed time. I know that the fantasy will eventually end. Like midnight is to Cinderella's ball, his lover's return marks the end of my fantasy. Her return will morph my coach back to a pumpkin, my horses to mice, and my gown to rags.

A few days ago, he said he's afraid he'd lose me when I realize that I compromise too much to be with him. That was when I was shaken out of my trance, like the first gong of the clock striking midnight.

I had already compromised my integrity to be with him. It's already done. I know how much this affair is costing me, and I'm still here.

However, if his partner returns, I would have to leave, because I don't think I can deal with that pain again. A pain so great I would physically double up as though someone had hit me in the stomach. A pain that made me moan in anguish because there were no more tears left to cry myself to sleep.

But, for now, I have a few more seconds of bliss in his arms. I don't know how long fate would stretch those seconds for me and keep his partner away, keep the pain away. For now, I close my eyes again and feel his arms around me, his breath on my cheek, the softness of my gown, and the weightlessness of my feet...

In my glass slippers.