Happy Valentine's Day

I think, this might be the one of the loneliest Valentine's Days in my life.

I've (finally) finished the first draft of the manuscript for "Love, Like Dim Sum."  I'm doing some preliminary editing and fleshing out of sections that are too sparse.  Then, next week, it will go to a professional editor.

Usually, I have a lot of things that are keeping me busy and distracted.  But not this time.  It's mostly the book.  And the problem is that I'm needing a lot of self-soothing specifically because of the book.  I've been going back to old chat logs as I do my research, and the memories flood back.  Ergo, the self-soothing.

I miss the old days, the more innocent days of SL.  Isn't that funny?  We reminisce about old days in SL, just like we reminisce about old days in real life.

Today, the eve of Valentine's Day, I miss everyone I have ever loved.  Today, I am acutely aware of how much I love each of them.  Today, I wish I could wrap my arms around them all and squeeze them tight.  Even the ones who know me only through my alts.  Even the ones who only briefly touched my life.  Today, I wish I could hug the world.