Putita, puttana

Okay, I think I'll blame it on the cold and the difficulty of translating, even with web translators.

I had the same argument today with Racer as I did with Rapido in August/September. It had to do with being called what Google translates into "whore" or "bitch". So, of course, I'd naturally take offense. Rapido was calling me "putita". Racer is calling me "puttana".

Today, I angrily objected and said that I'm not a whore. Racer clarified that I was not "una puttana", but "la mia puttana". Then he explained that, in love, being called someone's bitch is a compliment, not an insult. And suddenly, I remembered that Rapido said the exact same thing several months ago.

I dunno. I still object to the term which I feel is demeaning.

Then Racer calls me "la mia schiava in amore". "Schiava" means "slave", so I again angrily objected. Much later, I realized he was actually trying to be intimate but all these terms were pushing my buttons.

Maybe I should just lighten up. :)

So far, I agreed to be his "amante", but not his "puttana" and not his "schiava". He wants me to be his slave so that I would give him sex when he demands it. I told him I'd give it to him anyway, but as his lover, not as his slave. And he was happy with that. Then he gave two more demands, and I said I would do them only if he asks nicely, instead of demanding. He agreed.

*sigh* This affair is going to take some work.

Happy New Year, everyone!