Two and a half years

I met Blue Tsuki at a sandbox in 2006. He was wearing an ornate texture for skin and he was building a stepped pyramid.

That Christmas, he gave me one of his works as a present. I've acquired many of his works since then, but this particular one is special because it's a gift.

It's a picture of a man wearing a hat under a big yellow rose. You can view it at the upper level of my glasshouse here. Because he gave it to me with Mod/Copy permissions, I have it up in my workloft as a triptych with the left and right side tinted red and green respectively.

As I was working on the vendors for my new mermaid tails, my brain was just pondering the fact that I love colors and the colors of that triptych matched the colors of the tails on the vendors. Then, a light bulb lit up....

The picture is beautiful by itself, and there was a certain ambience about it. But I never understood the connection between the man and the rose... until now.

I thought the man was a traveller because of his hat and what seems like a globe in front of him. He could very well be a traveller. But I thought he was taking his hat off (at the end of his travels) or putting it on (to start his travels), but the rose didn't quite connect.

It didn't occur to me that he could be tipping his hat. He was tipping his hat to the rose!

If that's what it is, this picture is one of the best executed compliments I've ever received!

And it took me only two and a half years to figure it out. :D