I found him

Mr. July had come into my life.

I met him at Calleta's Hobo Railroad Infohub. He didn't have to say a word. I was smitten.

I know he's a bonehead, but we have so much in common. We both live by the train tracks. We both waited forever for the train. I rarely wear shoes, and -- well, I haven't seen him wear clothes yet.

Besides that, he's very patient, he listens attentively, and he silently agrees with everything I say. He'll be there anytime I need him for as long as I need him. And he'll never be afflicted with the Vanishing Avatar Syndrome. I'll never be alone again.

And now, we have matching hobo top hats! To wear as we wait for the train together.

/me hums "Isn't it romantic?"

(More pics at http://wildopallei.fotki.com/friends/mrbones/.)


/me prepares for the deluge of "bone" jokes in comments.

PS: That's my first short hair in SL. :)