Soul contracts

In the book "Journey of Souls," Michael Newton posits that groups of souls make contracts with each other before being incarnated in a new life. These contracts that we make with our soul companions are meant to help each other learn and grow. Even the little things that attract us to our soul companions are part of the contract to help us recognize the other in this lifetime.

A day short of a month ago, I met a soul companion in SL. SL being a virtual world, I didn't realize how significant my soul's contract is with him. This past month, he had been triggering all the emotional issues that I thought I had already left behind. Relationship issues.

Last night, the issue was about jealousy. And, all of a sudden, I was having flashbacks of my marriage. When I couldn't deal with it anymore, I ran away. Just like I did in the past. I understand that I've never really learned my lesson then, so fate brings it up again. Would I learn it right this time?

It's just ironic. That this happened on the anniversary of my failed marriage.