Remembering a sweet scent

Four years ago today, I learned about St. George's Day from The Captain.  And each year since, I still remember the giant gardenias he gave me and the ancient ship that we shared as a home.

When we finally parted, he was my longest romance in SL, at ten months. He kept trying to return, but we never really got back together again. And I want to talk about those two facts.

His record (in terms of the lengths of my relationships) has been broken by Wolfgang. But I still remember him with much affection.

However, I've noticed that, regardless of the connection I had with a lover, getting back together never really happens, even if we both wanted it. Situations change. Our schedules change. We change. The connection changes. The relationship changes.  It is difficult to get the same magic back or the same commitment.

But we look back at what we had and remember those moments fondly. And we say hi once in a while. On birthdays, on anniversaries, and on St. George's Day.  :)

Petons, el meu capita.  :)