Heart melts

Meanwhile, the Impossible and Alt #24 started nesting and setting up a home.  It was he who hinted at it a while ago.  It wasn’t just because he thought that’s what I want; it feels like he brought it up because it was what *he* wanted.  He thought of us as a real couple, complete with all that being a couple entails.  My heart melts.

He reads my blog; he’s reading my book.  He wants to truly know me.  My heart melts.

His other lover misses him and feels bad, so he had to spend some time with her yesterday.  He had neglected her because he says he prefers to be with me.  My heart melts.

I learned to ask him what time he was supposed to go to bed because he ends up staying too long and not getting enough sleep.  But even after I remind him it’s time for bed, he negotiates for a few more minutes, which ended up being a full hour today.  My heart melts.

He offers to help me with future projects related to the book.  In fact, he already got started.  He is very excited about the book and where it’s going.  And he simply does things to help me, fully supporting me in what I do and being fully involved.  My heart melts.

Throughout his day, even when he’s not logged in, he stays in touch by email.  Short sweet messages.  A morning kiss.  A quick thinking-of-you note.  A picture.  My heart melts.

Today, I told him that I don’t want to be his only SL relationship and I explained why.  I wanted him to truly experience SL relationships in its wide variety and to gain insights on his own, instead of simply agreeing with my own.  He agreed but it still doesn’t sound like he would. :D

My heart melts.