I should have written about him a long time ago.  He had been a lover and friend for a few months now.

Since I (as Alt #11) met him, he wanted to be a lover, but during the first lovemaking, he had little habits that irritated me, specifically that he would RP what I would do and what I would feel.  It made me feel as though I was just a prop, like a blow-up doll, and that all he wanted from me was my avatar.

I was ready to end it, but he persisted.  He asked how he could be better.  I told him the reasons I was irritated.  The next time we met, he was more careful about what he said, more respectful, more considerate.  I was touched.  It touches me when men go out of their way to change themselves for me.  In his case, he didn't just change his avie for me; he changed his behavior.  I don't expect lovers to change their real selves for me; I usually just move on.  For what he did, I introduced him to Opal.

It was a long time after we met when we found something more substantial that we could talk about.  He started teaching me about Vedic astrology, which he knew a lot about.  I had been interested in learning about it for a while and I actually bought a book on it, but never found the time to read it.  I just found the book again recently.

Every lover brings something unique to the relationship.  Sometimes, it takes some time to find that something -- the unique filling in that dim sum, that brings the flavor to the relationship.

As I grew up, I learned that to "know" a person "in the Biblical sense" meant that to have sexual relationships with that person.  I don't think that was the correct translation.  I think to "know" someone is to love that person.  The deeper you know someone, the more you fall in love with them.