A marriage proposal

Okay, I admit I've been guilty of serious pranks on April 1st; and I've masterminded a few that involved organizing. Well, being quite busy this month, the pranks I pulled yesterday were pretty much off-the-cuff.

The most significant one being the marriage proposals on Grant Linden's shout box in AvatarsUnited.com. After proposing to him there, I got a few other women to do the same. Well, it's not a prank if it's just *one* proposal.

Anyway, Grant responded later with the following shout in my page and in Juju's page: "I am afraid that it was explained to me on my first day at the Lab that getting married was not allowed for us hard working Lindens. Sadly, I must decline."

So, to counter that, I filed a jira. It was still April 1st after all. *grins mischievously*

To my surprise, someone reviewed the jira entry this morning and didn't close it. Instead, she changed it from a "bug" to a "new feature". I guess Lindens still have a sense of humor. *grins*

(Apologies to Mrs. Grant Linden. It really was just a joke.)