"i want fat girl can u help?"

I got a random IM while I was at my workloft today. It came with a random friendship offer that I also declined. Here's how it went:

The name has been (barely) masked to (kinda) protect the (not really) innocent.
[18:39] mido Zu****n: hi
[18:39] Opal Lei: Hi, Mido
[18:40] mido Zu****n: how r u
[18:40] Opal Lei: I'm good. Do you need help?
[18:40] mido Zu****n: tp me to u plz
[18:40] Opal Lei: May I ask why?
[18:40] mido Zu****n: we will talk there
[18:40] Opal Lei: Do you have an appointment?
[18:41] mido Zu****n: what?
[18:41] mido Zu****n: ?
[18:41] mido Zu****n: jjust tp me
[18:41] Opal Lei: Unless you tell me what this is about, you'll be muted.
[18:42] mido Zu****n: i want fat girl can u help?
[18:42] Opal Lei: Why are you asking me?
[18:42] mido Zu****n: u said u can help
[18:43] Opal Lei: Well, how did you find my name in the first place?
[18:43] mido Zu****n: on map
[18:43] mido Zu****n: tp me
[18:43] Opal Lei: My name is not on the map.
[18:43] mido Zu****n: on mini map
[18:43] mido Zu****n: i find u
[18:43] Opal Lei: Why do you think I can help you find a fat girl?
[18:44] mido Zu****n: give me land mark to find fat girl
[18:44] Opal Lei: Sorry, I don't have a landmark.
[18:44] Opal Lei: Did you try Search?
[18:46] mido Zu****n: no use
[18:47] Opal Lei: Well, maybe there aren't any in SL.
[18:47] Opal Lei: Did you try World of Warcraft?
[18:48] mido Zu****n: funny
[18:48] Opal Lei: LOL
[18:48] mido Zu****n: so funny
[18:48] Opal Lei: You just got it?
He stopped talking to me after that. How rude! And I was trying to be helpful....