Shad's challenge

Here's my response to Shad's challenge. This verse would go before his, so read this silly verse before going over to his blog.

Dashing through the snow
Were a li'l horse and a fae.
O'er the sims they go
Searching for roleplay.... LOL, LOL, LOL
Some won't take the horse.
Others say, "Don't fly."
So off they went to malls instead
And guess what they did buy...

Read his chorus here.

While you're there, you might wanna check out his rendition of "O Little Town".

/me whispers, "Just imagine he's singing in tune.... Shhhh." ;D

Merry Christmas!

Alt #2: Please leave a message.... And, no, you may not map me.
Alt #3: Can I say, "Bah, humbug!"?
Alt #4 jumps up and runs to the window for a glimpse of a chubby white-bearded man on a flying carpet.
Alt #5: If we're gonna do a New Year greeting card, can I be the dying old year?
Alt #6 sings seductively, "Santa, baby, slip a sable under the tree... for me...."
Alt #7 wonders if her crew can pillage Whoville.
Alt #8 flaps her wings, stretches her fingers, and brings in Christmas morning.
Alt #9 moans. "Mmmmmm, baby! Yes! Yes!" ... Oops, sorry, wrong window.

HiHo gets proposed

It was at yesterday's MODA Spotlight show. While HiHo was on the runway. Out of the blue. Mak, my model coach, suddenly throws out a surprise in the communicator channel, "WILL U MARRY ME HIHO?"


She was kidding, of course. She knows it's me.

But if that were a real runway, I would have tripped and fallen on my face. Thank goodness all I had to do was click-click then up-arrow. I was laughing so hard on the way backstage.

Then she sends Calveen to her dungeon when he made a mistake, and he says, "promises, promises".

That was the most fun show I've been on yet.

Oh, hey! It's my 100th post!

It's not roleplay anymore

Day before yesterday, he called out my name... during sex.

Yesterday, he met Opal.

After he called out my name the other day, I figured it was time he met my "main". He said he almost declined meeting Opal. He wasn't sure if we were ready, then he added, "but it's just you with another name." :D

I guess it helped that Opal and Alt #9 look so much alike. Good thing Opal got jealous of Alt #9; it made this introduction easier for him.

But I think, to him, Opal is still a different entity. And that's good; that separation will keep my secrets safe. Besides, I think there's too much going on and too much history with Opal, that he'd get overwhelmed.

Alt #9 and BF #2 are still in their own little world. No other friends but our own alts and each other. Nice, quiet, and private.

But now, this whole affair is more "real". It's not roleplay anymore.

A "promise ring"

Alt #9: I got a message that you granted me permissions to modify your objects.
BF #2: yeah while i was at it i went ahead and gave them
Alt #9: What for?
BF #2: just because
BF #2: you may wanna mod something
Alt #9: Like...?
Alt #9: I can't modify anything attached to you. ;)
Alt #9: So i can't make your [private parts] bigger.
Alt #9: lol
BF #2: lol
BF #2: its like a promise ring
Alt #9: A promise ring?
BF #2: just deal with it and shup
Alt #9: LOL
BF #2: lol
Alt #9: But I can't return the favor.
BF #2: its ok
BF #2: i dont expect you to
BF #2: i just wanted you to have mine
BF #2: so shup
BF #2: ;)

Well, I can't really modify anything because the stuff he has at our love shack are owned by his other alt (BF #1). *giggles*

But... *sigh*... He gave me a "promise ring"... *sigh again*... How sweet is that?... *another sigh*

Opal: Holy shit!
Alt #9: What?!?
Opal: You realize that that promise ring is bordering commitment and you know how commitment-phobic we are.
Alt #9: But it's only for 30 days or so. That was the deal.
Opal: Yeah, but it's been 20 days already and you still say "30 days or so". When is it really gonna end?
Alt #9: I don't know! I kinda like it....
Opal: Girl, you are crazy!
Alt #9: Oh, yeah? Well, who's talking to her own alt?
Opal: Shut up!
Alt #9: YOU shut up!


I think I've talked in the past about how we bring so much of ourselves into SL, how our avatars represent more of our real psyches than we care to admit. Each of my alts are different aspects of my real self. They each have their own domain, their own purpose for existing.

But, a few days ago, I (as Opal) felt a faint sense of jealousy over Alt #9's skin, which prompted me to get the same skin for Opal, even though I already said I won't be buying new skin for Opal for a while. So that was a vague hint of separating. Of aspects of me pulling apart.

Then last night, I witnessed the same separation on someone else.

You see, Alt #9's bf (BF #1) created a new alt (BF #2). BF #2 is supposed to belong to my Alt #9 exclusively, so he wouldn't be disturbed by IMs and such, while he's with me. So, we were running around yesterday, shopping for skin and hair and other important parts. *grins* Anyway, (with my prodding, of course), he used the same shape and the same skin, except with a different beard and different hair, so they looked like twins, but not quite. The goatee on BF #2 made him look more like the "bad boy" type; that beard was his choice.

He had both alts logged in almost the whole time. And towards the end of the evening, I asked, "So, whom do I cuddle with tonight?" And BF #1 replied that he would, then he proceeded to shoo away BF #2, like a jealous boyfriend.

It was a funny and charming roleplay, but I was surprised that he seemed very decided that he chose BF #1 to stay, even though he created BF #2 specifically to be with me. I told him I was glad anyway, because I've grown attached to BF #1, even though I know they're both him. I said that it feels like there was more of him in BF #1; he agreed that there was.

You know, I'm surprised that the mental health professionals aren't coming down on SL in droves. SL isn't helping people integrate their personalities; it's allowing people to split up their personalities even more. :D

Hmmm, I wonder if I could sell a book titled, "Multiple Alt Disorder (MAD) - Split Personalities in Virtual Worlds"....

And, yes, Alt #10 will be named Sybil, and she'll definitely be a member of the "SLoony Bin Residents" group.

Alt envy

Well, I was dressing my new alt today (yes, the mystery alt with the love affair). And I was taking her pictures, and I realized,... Geez, she looks so much better than Opal! Of course, Opal got jealous, so I had to buy her a new skin today. :D

It's the same skin as the mystery alt. And since the shape is very similar and just tweaked slightly, they look almost like twins now.

It used to be that I'd use a different skin manufacturer for each alt, but certain looks just feel right, and this feels right for Opal right now.

I think it might also be psychological. I'm in that alt a lot nowadays so I associate with that alt more. Plus I'm having a lot of feel-good emotions there, so, in a sense, I'm pulling some of those good vibes into this side.

So, the triptych is gone from my profile now and replaced with this one:

I'll be changing my picture in all other web applications soon.

Meanwhile, the mystery alt is having quite a torrid love affair. Gamel said that "torrid" is an ugly word and suggested other adjectives like "passionate", "ardent", or "beautiful". I replied that "torrid" was the perfect adjective with the "rrrrrr" sound, because of all the sex going on. And he wished me a verrrrrrrrrrrry torrrrrrrrrrrrid affair. LOL