It's not roleplay anymore

Day before yesterday, he called out my name... during sex.

Yesterday, he met Opal.

After he called out my name the other day, I figured it was time he met my "main". He said he almost declined meeting Opal. He wasn't sure if we were ready, then he added, "but it's just you with another name." :D

I guess it helped that Opal and Alt #9 look so much alike. Good thing Opal got jealous of Alt #9; it made this introduction easier for him.

But I think, to him, Opal is still a different entity. And that's good; that separation will keep my secrets safe. Besides, I think there's too much going on and too much history with Opal, that he'd get overwhelmed.

Alt #9 and BF #2 are still in their own little world. No other friends but our own alts and each other. Nice, quiet, and private.

But now, this whole affair is more "real". It's not roleplay anymore.