Even mo' bettah

I realized that one of my alts hasn't been upgraded for a year and a half either, so I went looking for a new skin for *her* and found other skins I hadn't looked at.

So, I reconsidered skins for Opal. Well, I ended up with the same skin as my RP alt, who looks the best of all my alts anyway. But, as usual, I had to tweak the face to keep the same feel. I've also changed her body so it's shaped more like my RP alt's.

Makeda Cole of MODA had suggested that I consider going with an ethnic look. I initially said I'd leave the ethnic look with my RP alt, because my friends don't like it when I change Opal's looks. But, as I was tweaking my shape to try to get the old look with the new skin, I ended up with this ethnic look anyway:


It seems my alts are converging. Just as my SL and my RL are.