Rising for a breath

It's been a crazy month! The muse is very demanding, and she's not done with me yet.

I just finished a new line of products. No, not mer-related, but history-related. Although there's nothing technically new with this product, I've refined some skills while working on it.

Next on my todo list is a new mermaid tail, hopefully in time for the mer fashion show that Akasha Wachmann and her partners are planning for early April. Besides, I have to keep my promise to Azheni Something.

Besides those projects, I still have my ISM commitments and an ongoing RL project. So, I apologize to dear friends who haven't heard from me much. Really, sometimes, eating is an inconvenience. If the grumbling tummy weren't such a distraction, I'd forget to eat.

But, you know, there's nothing as satisfying as finally releasing a product.

So, here I go.... I inhale deeply before I dive in again.... Mer tail is next.