Trophy avatars

I've noticed that a lot of men use the Picks tab in their profiles, not for landmarks of their favorite places, but for pictures of their favorite women. And I mean WOMEN; that is, in the plural.

I don't get it. What are these men trying to say? "Here are my conquests"? And that makes them attractive to other women how? As a woman, would I want to be just another trophy to be displayed in a man's trophy case?

October lover once tried to put my picture in his Picks tab; I said no. For one, it's like putting a claim on me and saying, "She's my girl. Hands off!" which would have been fine if we were exclusive, but we never were.

Maybe, that trophy display was meant for other men. But how do we know that the guy actually slept with those women? Heck, a guy can take any random woman's picture and add it to his trophy case. And she may not even know he exists!

So, c'mon, guys. We're not fooled unless you actually invest L$25 and she agrees to put YOUR name on HER partner text box. And if you want to have more than one confirmed partner to display in your profile, then talk to Linden about multiple partner text boxes. They'll appreciate the extra income.

Or, at least, get the girl to put YOUR picture in HER Picks tab, so we can confirm that you actually know each other.

Me? I'm renting out space in my Picks tab -- L$500/week/picture. Of course, the description would have only your name and a link to this blog entry. :-)

Any takers? ;-D