My love story

I was once engaged.

He bumped into me, literally, at the Graduation Temple in Orientation Island. That day, we spent many happy hours exploring SL together. But, after finding out a small detail about his real life, I agonized with a moral dilemma: If I have an affair in virtual reality with a man who's married in real life, do I burn in virtual hell or real hell?

Yet, in spite of that anguish, I agreed to be betrothed to him on the second day. For five glorious days, I came in-world twice a day for trysts with my lover, who lives nine timezones away. And we flirted with each other to our hearts' desires, calling the other every imaginable term of endearment.

Ah, but this love affair was meant to be short-lived. For, on the seventh day, a security breach scared my lover away from this world and away from my life forever. And so, here I am, a bride left at the altar with tearful eyes, waiting... longing... wondering.... Has my lover abandoned me for one yet fairer in beauty in another reality? Or have I become a widow 'ere I became a bride?

[Touch back of hand to forehead and faint... Oh, wait, I gotta rez a fainting chair first.... ;-) ]