In most cases, a decade seems so long. In this case, the past decade feels like a dream and I have just awoken.

And like "0" birthdays, this rezday anniversary is a milestone. But it feels anticlimactic.

No wise insights this time. I've already said everything I wanted to say.

No compelling projects that make me jump out of bed. Something else always has higher priority than SL projects that had once excited me.

No significant lover to entice me to log in. Many lovers don't log in anymore. And I keep blue-screening too much lately anyway.

I'm making a point of meeting SL friends when I travel or when they come to my area. But, besides that, I feel like, "Been there, done that. What's on Netflix?"

Out in the real world, people are getting excited about 3D, 360, virtual reality, augmented reality. But that's old news to us. The curse of the early adopter is boredom.

What else is there?

Can we find the deeper purpose for all this? Instead of aiming for the next technological thing for the sake of the technology, can we find a meaningful application that really matters?

Maybe it's also my real age. I'm at a phase in my life where my attention is supposed to be directed outward, to changing the world and making it better, to leaving a legacy, to making a much bigger impact.

Whatever that is, I have no idea. Yet.

I'm waiting for inspiration.

For the next decade of my SL.