So closer, so sweetly

I met someone from his country before. But the first guy moved too fast and was already looking around for a virtual home to share with me during the first week, even though I protested. I wasn't about to waste my time and resources on a pretend relationship.

Ironically, this new one was in the same line of work as the first one. So I asked him if all people from his country do the same work.

They were the only two people from that country that I remember meeting in SL. I'm sure I've met others, but they just didn't register in my memory, and it couldn't have been more than three others. So, it just seemed odd that the two people I met from that country in the same year would have the same type of job.

His response was, yes, many in his country are in that line of work, because it is required everywhere in the world and it pays well.

Anyway, they are very different in personalities. This one is very respectful of my wishes, very polite. Maybe too polite, so I never really took him seriously.

But we agreed to meet this weekend, and I wondered what we would talk about on our date. I figured we would dance for about an hour or so, then I'd log off and do something else in another alt. Then, at the start of our meeting, I figured that maybe, if I seduced him, I could stretch that time to about two hours.

Two hours turned into seven hours or so. In those seven hours, we talked by voice in Skype which had his real name, we connected in LinkedIn, I saw his face on webcam briefly, he saw my pictures and thought I "look beautiful", I took him to my private place, I introduced him to my sex alt, and, of course, we had sex a number of times.

In his words, "we got so closer today."

And in my words, "We crossed a lot of boundaries today."

He's planning to visit the US to see me. He has cousins living in LA, and he said he could visit them. It didn't sound like his cousins were his main reason for thinking of visiting the US, just as my cousins in LA weren't my main reason for going down there earlier this year. Nothing against cousins in LA, of course. ;)

He asked me what I wanted from his country so he could bring some with him, just as I asked the Captain if he wanted anything from the US before I went to Spain.

Even though I insisted that there are so many restaurants we could go to, he still wants to cook for me when he gets here, just as.... Errrmmm.... I never offered to cook for anybody. ;)

Anyway, I'm not holding my breath. This still feels very casual to me. But it's really nice to be treated so sweetly.