To revive or not to revive

Three years ago, I created the first episode of a machinima series.

Three years ago, I created the last episode of a machinima series.

It was the same episode. LOL

This month, I submitted the poster for that machinima to the SL Machinima Poster Archive for a contest.

Today, I received a notecard saying that it's on display inworld with the other submissions. The exhibit officially starts on May 30, but it looks like it's already set up.

I've been toying with the idea of reviving a few projects lately, including one that I stopped 12 years ago. I've thought of continuing the Cabaret du Crane in the past, but I dedicated the series to Wolfgang, and I really am not inspired to do anything for him anymore.

But I do want to do machinima again. Something more meaningful.

My muse has been dropping hints. Nothing fully formed. Just flashes, like disjointed scenes from a dream. From many different dreams....

We'll see.  :)