In my sex alt, I've used my profile to discourage men who expect more than I'm willing to give. It was a way to manage expectations upfront.

Opal didn't have the same filter in place. Until today.

With most of my lovers, even if the romance is SL-only, there's still a genuine real-life friendship. But, lately, I've been opening up to the possibility of a real-life romance.

So, I've decided to put a filter in place to save me from heartaches and wasted time. My 1st life tab now says:

If you're looking for a physically attractive woman irl, sorry, I'm an old fat ugly hag, so... SHOO! SCAT!

Otherwise, I'm an intelligent creative woman with growing wisdom and natural wildness... Say hi.


I have a gift.

My gift is that I help men realize how wonderful their current or past partners/girlfriends/wives are. After having an affair with me, no matter how short or long the affair was, they decide to return to their partners/girlfriends/wives.

I've been close to 100% successful in bringing couples back together. What marriage counselor could make that claim?

Yesterday, I had another of those success stories. He chose to go back to an old flame.

I should advertise. "Did your lover leave you? Has your relationship soured? Want him back? ... Send him to Opal Lei for an affair and he'll come running back to you! ... Guaranteed results!"

Stunning normalcy

I met him today while I was logged as my sex alt. It wasn't even at a sex place and I had just tp'd there with a newbie to dance. And after things rezzed, I realized he rezzed right behind us. I thought we tp'd right on top of him. He said hi. We three exchanged some pleasantries, then my newbie friend said he had to leave, so I continued chatting with our newfound friend instead, and we ended up dancing right there.

That was at 8pm.

By 9:30pm, I was logging into Opal to meet him at a sim we agreed to meet at. When I got there, he was chatting with someone else. I excused myself and tp'd to another part of the sim and IM'd him that maybe we could meet at another time instead. He invited me to come back but I said it would feel awkward. Then it dawned on me and I asked if he mistook that woman as me, and I mentioned my sex alt's name. He did. :D A minute later, he was walking towards me.

At 10:11pm, we were just kissing, then out of the blue,...

"Do you have a bf?" he asked.

"In RL, no relationship," I replied. "In SL, I have casual BFs. More like friends with privileges. None exclusive."

"Ok i'll be your rl bf then ;)"

He feels comfortable, like he's a combination of different things from different parts of my life. It's a warm feeling. There's a sense of familiarity in the newness of it all.

I'm still stunned. This whole evening just went whooosh! Like I'm being carried away by the rush of water in a fast river. But, again, it feels comfortable.

The analytical part of my brain still wants to wait and see. I've been this way before. But I have a feeling this one is different, because it feels "normal".

Normal, except that I'm stunned.

mfpwtff sent me a video link after I told him I have a new bf. This is the official version of that video. (Somewhere along the way, he turned into my relationship coach, and I trust him explicitly, simply because he thinks things through as much as I do.)

"Others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms..."

Vrroom! Vrroom!

Rodion gave me permission to quote him. We were chatting last night about machinima because I want to create a 30-second commercial for Mer Betta, and the conversation kinda drifted away from that. He was complimenting my avatar.

Rodion Resistance: it's more like me appreciating a sports car that overtook the bus I was riding
Opal Lei: LOL
Rodion Resistance: sorry for the rough analogy
Opal Lei: I love it. lol
Rodion Resistance: its an art thing with sensuality spread like sugar crystals
Opal Lei: Can I blog that sports car comment? lol
Rodion Resistance: sure!
Opal Lei: Yay! lol
Rodion Resistance: but in your case not only a sports car, you're more like an exotic foreign v12 engine supercar
Opal Lei: LMAO
Opal Lei: I think that's one of the best compliments I've gotten.

Vrroom! Vrroom! :D